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Tags Provide Traceability To Your Hoses

Enabling you to answer these questions …

  • Are our hoses tagged and maintained?
  • Have our hoses been tested?
  • When were our hoses made and installed?
  • Is our equipment safe?
  • When were our hoses installed?
  • Who do I call for hose replacement?
Four hydraulic hoses from Eaton crimped and fitted laying on white industrial background with a clipboard of tracking information in the foreground.

Track hose history and service life.

All hoses are tagged with unique hose identification and customer specific information (such as part number).  Hose ferrules can also be marked or scribed with critical hose or customer information.

Custom metal or plastic tags

Utilizing various permanent tagging methods is the best way to identify, track, maintain and replace hoses.  We work with customers to fully integrate tags into their hose maintenance, inspection and replacement programs.  Let us help you simplify your process.

Metal hose tag on a metal hose with a blue eaton cap holding the spot for the hose coupling that will be applied. Customer tag information is inscribed on the metal tag around the metal hose body with a dot peen machine for ease of tracking.

Customizing Tags

We can customize tags based on customer request.  Since hoses vary in size, shape and material type, we can provide any type of tag that is best for the hose and application.  We will help you choose the appropriate tag that will withstand weather conditions, UV, chemicals, abrasion, etc.

An RFID tag on a goodyear (now Contitech Continental) industrial hose with a dixon campbell crimped fitting on the end.


RFID tags are available upon special request.  RFID tags contain a chip that can be scanned with a reader that will provide immediate on-site hose information and test history.