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Singer -- A Premier Family of Industrial Rubber Distributors

Who We Are

OnGuard™ Hose Management & Asset Tracker Services are offered by the family of companies from Singer Equities. Singer Equities is a group of value added distributors in the industrial rubber products industry.  We have 37 locations in the U.S. that service a diverse market portfolio including petrochemical, oil/gas, food & beverage, OE equipment, marine, MRO, construction, rental supply.

Our extensive product offering includes industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, metal hoses, composite hoses, conveyor belt, and rubber, metallic & non-asbestos gaskets as well as industrial supplies.  We also offer value added services including on-site hose and conveyor belt inspections, installations and repair, hose testing services, engineering/consulting services and training.

We are proud to offer our exclusive OnGuard™™ Hose Management Services and asset tracking program.  Coupled with our world class hose fabrication, we are able to deliver the most consistent, reliable and safe hose assemblies in the industry.

Branch Location Websites

Logo of Able Hose & Rubber LLC, a division of Unisource-MFG that is located in Roseville, MN. Able Hose & Rubber LLC is spelled out in a red bold font with Able sitting on top of the rest. The bottom right leg of the A extends far beyond the e in Able so as to imitate a hose.

Able Hose & Rubber LLC


Logo for Hampton Rubber Company, an industrial rubber products and hydraulic hose and gasket shop with two locations in Norfolk and Hampton VA. HR is written as one large red icon atop Hampton in red and Rubber in black. The font is sansserif, the R is using the right arm of the H to form it's left most line. Company is written smaller in red up the side at a strict 90 degree angle. The logo forms a box.

Hampton Rubber Company


Logo of Poly-Flow Hose. The words Poly-Flow are written in italicized royal blue bold sans-serif font evenly spaced with dashes reflecting their parent company of Unisource-MFG. They sit atop a flat wireframe of the globe.

Poly-Flow Hose


Logo of the Summers Rubber company, featuring a hose in red and white in the center of a rounded red diamond that makes out an

Summers Rubber Company


Smith Industrial Products


New logo for Advanced Fluid Connectors, featuring AFC in a oblong white background, written in blue serif text, with three rectangular wings like a flight attendant's badge.

Advanced Fluid Connectors


Logo for Hanna Rubber Company, in Kansas City, MO. Hanna is written inside a diamond, gold font on black text with two triangles that fill out the diamond edge. The letters are justified to the inside of the diamond, so the N is largest in the middle of HANNA.

Hanna Rubber Company


PRC Industrial Supply & Stewart Hunt

& www.stewarthunt.com

Logo of Texas Rubber Supply, a sister company of National Hose + Accessory, both of whom are in Pasadena, Dallas and Ft. Worth TX. TRS is written in gold with a capitalized T twice the size of the capitalized RS. Two gold stars sit atop TRS. They all lay atop a cut out of Texas, in one third royal blue, one third white, and one third red.

Texas Rubber Supply


Foster Hose & Fittings


Logo of Allied Rubber & Supply Co. Allied Rubber is written in black, slight italics, bold serif fat font with the Allied sitting over a teal world globe and Rubber to the right on white. Underneath the Allied is an arrow in dark blue that starts at the middle of the A in the left most arm, and swooshes around to end in an arrow tip underneath the R in Rubber. & Supply Co. is written so that & Sup form the base of the globe. The rest of Allied Rubber & Supply Co. is on white. It forms a rectangle.

Allied Rubber & Supply Co.


Future Hydraulik


Logo of RW Connection, in Landisville, PA. RW is written with a slash between the letters, the R floating above the W. Both are surrounded by a swish blue-white-royal blue swish fat that is on the left, beginning at the top of the R and extending to the end of the W. RW Connection is written in a blue Helvetica condensed font with a white border.
Logo of Unisource-MFG, located in Portland, OR. Unisource is written in blue italicized font all capital letters, with the 'U' having a racer speedway feel. MFG is written smaller to the right of it and centered in the middle of the E, similarly all caps.
Logo for Cumberland Valve in Bridgeton, NJ, a division of RW Connection from Landisville, PA. Cumberland valve is written in black with a drop shadow and underlined, serif font. The CV is larger font set than the rest and all are bold. Division of RW Connection is below featuring the RW royal blue gradient swish.

Cumberland Valve


Logo of National Hose + Accessory, agility, ability and fierce commitment out of Pasadena, TX. NHA is written in gold with three evenly spaced white bars that sit on top, beginning from the ellipse they sit in on the left and extending to the A border. The ellipse is patterned after a flattened globe with wireframe blue and indigo of pangea in the middle and bottom, solidly black up top. National Hose + Accessory is written in Arial Black Bold with a slight italics. The + is gold. Agility, ability and fierce commitment sits below National Hose + Accessory, both of which sit below the NHA and lemon-shaped globe.

National Hose + Accessory


Spartan Industrial Products