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Logo of Allied Rubber & Supply Co. Allied Rubber is written in black, slight italics, bold serif fat font with the Allied sitting over a teal world globe and Rubber to the right on white. Underneath the Allied is an arrow in dark blue that starts at the middle of the A in the left most arm, and swooshes around to end in an arrow tip underneath the R in Rubber. & Supply Co. is written so that & Sup form the base of the globe. The rest of Allied Rubber & Supply Co. is on white. It forms a rectangle.

Wampum & Butler, PA

(800) 242-1670

Allied Rubber and Rigging Supply Co. is a fabricating distributor of hose and mechanical rubber products. With two western Pennsylvania warehousing locations, they service MRO, OEM, transportation, steel, construction and agricultural markets. Fabrication and certification includes metal, hydraulic and industrial hose, as well as coupling machinery through 10” ID.

3405 State Route 18
Wampum, PA 16157
Phone: (724) 535-7380
Fax: (724) 535-7400
140 Hindman Lane
Butler, PA 16001
Phone: (724) 482-2965
Fax: (724) 482-4891
Logo for Hampton Rubber Company, an industrial rubber products and hydraulic hose and gasket shop with two locations in Norfolk and Hampton VA. HR is written as one large red icon atop Hampton in red and Rubber in black. The font is sansserif, the R is using the right arm of the H to form it's left most line. Company is written smaller in red up the side at a strict 90 degree angle. The logo forms a box.

Hampton & Norfolk, VA

(800) 482-4447

Founded in 1961, HRC serves a diversified market that includes marine and military, oil & gas, original equipment manufacturers, transportation, construction, food/beverage. We also provide specialty industrial hose custom fabrication for industries such as sandblasting and surface prep.

1669 W Pembroke Ave
Hampton, VA 23661
Phone: 757-722-9818
4571 Village Ave
Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: 757-858-1900
Logo of RW Connection, in Landisville, PA. RW is written with a slash between the letters, the R floating above the W. Both are surrounded by a swish blue-white-royal blue swish fat that is on the left, beginning at the top of the R and extending to the end of the W. RW Connection is written in a blue Helvetica condensed font with a white border.

10 Locations, USA Northeast

(800) 355-7974

RW Connection, Inc. is a leading industrial distributor of quality hose, conveyor belt and gaskets, as well as offering a full line of industrial supplies. Services include custom hose fabrication and onsite testing, in-house die cut gaskets and field vulcanization for our conveyor belts just to name a few. Headquartered in Landisville, PA in the last decade, RW Connection has also acquired Advanced Fluid Connectors, Virginia Carolina Belting and Cumberland Valve.


Logo of PRC (Portland Rubber Company) Industrial Supply. PRC is written in black, italics on top of a red diamond with a transparent gap between it and a further red border. Industrial Supply is written much smaller in a black serif font inside a white bar that extends to the edges of the diamond, centered.

Portland & Bangor, ME

(800) 322-3100

Burlington, MA

PRC Industrial Supply is the region’s premier industrial rubber and fluid power products distributor. Our extensive inventory of Eaton Char-Lynn ® motors, Continental Hydraulic Vane pumps, Prince Hydraulic cylinders and valves is here to serve you with immediate delivery. The company specializes in conveyor belting, industrial hose, hydraulic hose as well as fluid power components. In 2013 Stewart Hunt became a division of PRC Industrial, in Burlington, MA.

21 West Commercial St
Portland, Maine 04112
Phone: 207-774-3993
Fax: 207-775-3351
337 Perry Road
Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: 207-947-4772
Fax: 207-990-5865
Logo for Hanna Rubber Company, in Kansas City, MO. Hanna is written inside a diamond, gold font on black text with two triangles that fill out the diamond edge. The letters are justified to the inside of the diamond, so the N is largest in the middle of HANNA.

Kansas City, MO

(800) 591-3035

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Hanna Rubber has differentiated themselves with the latest conversion technology in rubber and plastic sheet goods as well as state of the art extrusion and molding capabilities. The industrial and hydraulic hose operations include custom crimping, swaging, testing and tracking capabilities with a focus on safety, quality and reliability.

908 W 25th St.
Kansas City MO 64108
800-591-3035 (Toll Free)
816-221-9600 (Local Kansas City Area)
816-421-0583 (Fax)

Logo of the Summers Rubber company, featuring a hose in red and white in the center of a rounded red diamond that makes out an

Cleveland, OH

 (800) 686-5801

Since 1949, Summers Rubber Company has specialized in providing a wide array of industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings to the diverse end markets of Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Summers Rubber provides a wide range of value added services including application engineering, metal hose welding, custom labeling, kit assembly and color coding as well as hose testing, tagging and tracking. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio its eight locations are strategically located to provide 24/7 emergency service as well as providing convenient walk-in service counters.


Logo of National Hose + Accessory, agility, ability and fierce commitment out of Pasadena, TX. NHA is written in gold with three evenly spaced white bars that sit on top, beginning from the ellipse they sit in on the left and extending to the A border. The ellipse is patterned after a flattened globe with wireframe blue and indigo of pangea in the middle and bottom, solidly black up top. National Hose + Accessory is written in Arial Black Bold with a slight italics. The + is gold. Agility, ability and fierce commitment sits below National Hose + Accessory, both of which sit below the NHA and lemon-shaped globe.

3 Texas Locations

(800) 820-4673

National Hose & Accessory acquired August 2007, is a value added distributor of industrial rubber products specializing in the fabrication of industrial, metal, and hydraulic hose assemblies, gasket cutting, and the sale of related products. Founded in 1985 and located in Houston, Texas, the company serves a diversified market that includes oil & gas, petro-chemicals, transportation, original equipment manufacturers, and related service support industries. Their affiliate, Texas Rubber Supply was acquired in 2014.


Logo of Spartan Industrial Products. A gladiator in gold, red, and white with a black capital S on his shield sits atop the name of the company as if guarding Spartan Industrial Products. Spartan is written in black, the same capital s and font size as the S on the shield. Industrial Products is written in carmine red.

4 Louisiana Locations

(965) 873-7959

Spartan Industrial Products, acquired in March 2011, is a premier industrial rubber products distributor specializing in the fabrication of industrial, hydraulic and metal hose assemblies, along with inspection, testing, and certification services. Their affiliate Industrial Marine Equipment Co. was acquired in 2012. With locations in Houma, Belle Chasse, and Golden Meadow, Louisiana; Spartan services the region’s dominant energy, marine, transportation and petrochemical industries.

Logo of Unisource-MFG, located in Portland, OR. Unisource is written in blue italicized font all capital letters, with the 'U' having a racer speedway feel. MFG is written smaller to the right of it and centered in the middle of the E, similarly all caps.

Portland, OR

(800) 234-2466

Unisource Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1980 on a vision to improve the manufacturing, quality, engineering, and marketing of industrial hose and related products. With over 30 years of experience in thermoplastic hose manufacturing, Poly-Flow LLC has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high pressure hose.  The Poly-Flow line includes hydraulic and pneumatic hose, airless paint spray equipment hose, sewer & water jetting hose, grease lubrication hose, air breather hose and more.